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Property Inspections & Home Inspection Services in New Jersey

Each inspection is thorough yet non-invasive, entailing a walkthrough inspection of the property and its visible and safely-accessible systems and components. We abide by the state of New Jersey’s Standards of Practice during our inspection services.

Every inspection we perform comes with the following:

RecallChek allows you to check the appliances in your home and see if any have been recalled. Keep your family and property safe with RecallChek!

A 90-Day Warranty from Residential Warranty Services can provide property owners with peace of mind.

Home Owners Resource can assist with repair and maintenance questions that arise during the life of the home.

First Time Home Buyers

Buyer’s Inspection

It’s important to understand a property completely before you purchase it. During a Buyer’s Inspection, we thoroughly inspect the home’s safely accessible areas* to determine their condition and find anything that requires repair or maintenance. The following areas will be included in the inspection:

  • Structural components
  • Exterior components
  • Roofing system components
  • Plumbing system components
  • Electrical system components
  • Heating system components
  • Cooling system components
  • Interior components
  • Insulation components and ventilation system
  • Fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances

*inspections to not include septic, pools, hot tubs, and sprinkler systems

Pre Listing Inspection

Pre-Listing Inspection

Having a Pre-Listing Inspection completed before putting a property on the market can give the seller an upper-hand when it comes to negotiating and appearing honest to potential buyers. We will inspect the home for damages and defects before buyers find them first, allowing the seller to be up-front with their buyers or repair issues before listing.

Re Inspection


A Re-Inspection, which can be scheduled after the repairs requested during the Buyer’s Inspection process have been addressed, is a great way for buyers and sellers to remain on the same page. We will check that all agreed-upon repairs were made and are up to standard.

New Construction Inspection

New Construction Inspection

A New Construction Inspection can help builders find and address building issues before the final walkthrough. Oversights happen, and we search the property thoroughly for them so that the building can be made move-in ready.

New Construction Phase Inspection

New Construction Phase Inspections

Phase Inspections are completed periodically throughout the building process, helping builders find and address any defects in a phase of their work before moving on to the next.

Commercial Property Inspection

Commercial Property Inspection

Buyers and owners of commercial properties should understand the property completely before purchase or use. We will inspect the safely accessible areas of commercial properties such as storefronts, strip malls, warehouses, and more.

Roof Inspection

Commercial Roof Inspection

During a Commercial Roof Inspection, we will walk a safely accessible roof to find leaks, damages, or safety issues and determine the overall condition.

Mechanical Inspection

Mechanical Systems Inspection

In some situations, a Mechanical Systems Inspection may be more appropriate than an entire building inspection. We will inspect the HVAC system, plumbing system, and electrical system to determine if they are in good working order and find defects that should be addressed.

Indoor Air Inspection

Indoor Air Quality & Mold Inspection

The indoor air quality of a building can affect the people inside by upsetting conditions like allergies or asthma. We assess the quality of a building’s air and look for mold growth, which can begin to damage building surfaces and structures over time, during the Indoor Air Quality and Mold Inspection.

Home Buy Back Guarantee

Buyback Guarantee Program

We participate in InterNACHI’s Buyback Guarantee Program, meaning that InterNACHI will buy back your home if we missed something during the inspection.

Our Tools & Technology

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera

The Thermal Imaging Camera shows us hot and cool spots within a home’s surfaces by displaying the temperatures as different colors on the screen. These areas are not visible to the naked eye and can indicate to us that there is improper insulation, moisture intrusion, or dangerous electrical hot spots behind a surface. We can use the Thermal Imaging Camera in both residential and commercial buildings.

360 Degree Camera

360° Camera

360° images of a building allow you to virtually “revisit” the property, letting you look at the overall layout and minor details in a way that regular photographs wouldn’t.

Moisture Meter Inspections

Moisture Meter

A Moisture Meter allows us to measure the amount of moisture throughout the home, making it easy to track down mold growth and areas of moisture intrusion.

Spectoscope Inspection


With a spectoscope, which is a long and adjustable tool which attaches to our camera, we are able to inspect areas of the home that are otherwise out of our reach.

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